With "Herzjagd" the first single including video clip from the new TODSÜNDE album of their new same named album is released today.
With this, the Neue Deutsche Härte rockers give a first long-awaited foretaste of their second work, which will be released on June 16th, 2023.
"Herzjagd" is not only the title track of the new album - it clearly indicates where the guys want to go.
Directly into your hearts!

That the five guys from North Rhine-Westphalia are really worth every sin they have already proven with their debut album "Geistesgift". For their second studio album HERZJAGD, for which they brought producer Jonas Rabensteiner on board for the first time, the new team has managed to give the songs a completely new musical touch.

The bar is thus packed again 3 shelves higher and the fans can look forward to multi-faceted album that sounds more brute than ever.