Come with us and we'll go on a journey!

Why does Rauhbein make Irish music with German lyrics?
Who is Henry? And why is this Henry such a great friend of the Irish landscape, culture and music?

Growing up in modest circumstances as the son of a working class family, Henry struggles through life with various jobs.

He knows what it means not to be able to make great leaps and to slave hard for his bread.
After a dramatic accident at work, he loses his livelihood. He will never again be able to work the way he did before.

But giving up is not his thing: he swings on his motorcycle and sets off on a journey to Ireland. His luggage: 3 T-shirts, 3 pairs of underpants, 3 pairs of socks, his toothbrush and his guitar. In the streets of Dublin he makes his way as a singer-songwriter in pubs and bars and gets to know the country and its people: Roughnecks with heart. People like himself. The self-rescue trip turns into three intense years that leave their mark on him.

With new strength and a suitcase full of inspiration, he returns to Germany to tell his story in his songs.

These songs were written by life: songs that convey courage and joy of life, especially where you don't expect it, in the hard times. No matter what the songs are about, about the cudgel that life throws between our legs, about sailing around cliffs, about ups and downs, about joy or sorrow: in the end, they all tell of the love of life and the all-supporting power of positive energy.

With a lot of irony and the necessary wink, the "Rauhbein" takes his own life for a ride and sings about his adventurous experiences with love, lust and suffering.
Rauhbein is the tough guy that life has shaped with his soft core and his heart in the right place.

The music of the now founded band "Rauhbein" reflects Henry's essence.
The powerful guitars and loud drums show his rough and tough side, but also the melancholic-romantic has its place with strings and accordion. To something Henry's unique voice makes this music something very special. In it you can hear the life that has not always made it easy for him. His timbre is warm and strong like a 20 year old single malt and as rough and weathered as the ancient oaks of the Highlands.
The sound of Rauhbein sounds as if the Beatsteaks had written German songs with Flogging Molly.

On stage, Rauhbein stages a fireworks display of traditional Irish music and rock. Henry and his band make every show a wild party with Irish temperament. No half measures!
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