Stunde Null

2020 - a year of cancellations, bans and restrictions. But Stunde Null didn't mean Stunde Null, if
they would not see this situation as an opportunity for something new. Because 2020 for many has been a year
of standstill, Stunde Null take a huge step forward and present on 01/29/2021
their new album "Wie laut die Stille schreit".

Stunde Null are the high-flyers of the German rock landscape and on "Wie laut die Stille schreit"
prove that nothing - not even a global crisis - can stop you. On the contrary,
Stunde Null seem to emerge stronger from the crisis, because the hit density is among the twelve songs
damn high. That may sound like big words, but “Wie laut die Stille schreit” lives up to expectations
stood effortlessly. This album has everything the fans love Stunde Null for: bombastic rock anthems,
soulful ballads as well as modern electronic influences. And the voices that talk about the lack of hardness
Complained to "Alles voller Welt", fall silent at the latest with the first of the many double bass thunderstorms.
This versatility brings with it the danger that the album looks torn, but guitarist and producer
Jonas Rabensteiner masters this hurdle with ease and great attention to detail: the twelve individually
Mature songs complement each other to form a coherent and entertaining album, that of Stefan
Gantioler, who is also the band's drummer, is crystal clear and yet powerfully mixed
was mastered. The fact that Stunde Null are so deeply involved in their own album production gives “Wie laut die Stille schreit“ a unique authenticity and honesty, which is also reflected in the profound texts
reflects. Packed in memorable melodies, they stimulate thought on the one hand, and on the other hand
motivate them with contagious confidence. The result is a captivating overall package that comes with strong
Songwriting and production-related subtleties are convincing.

"Wie laut die Stille schreit" combines honest rock music with modern production elements, hard guitar riffs
meet fresh synth sounds - that's exactly how rock music should sound like in 2020.