This ultra tight 5-piece thrash unit from Belgium is well known for their energetic and aggressive live performance.

With their album ‘Triumph of Tragedy’, they completely managed to translate their furious vibe to a record.  11 skull crushing neo-thrashmetal songs that will blow your filthiest nightmares into oblivion!

Shredding guitars, raging drums and aggressive vocals are the main ingredients of their New Wave Of Thrash Metal. An excellent bite for fans of Slayer, Exodus and Testament, combined with the legendary Göteborg style of At The Gates and the straight to the point metal of Pantera. With the blistering album ‘Triumph of Tragedy’, The Dying is now fully armed for total thrashtruction!

Prepare for war and tragedy…

„Triumph Of Tragedy“ is the only THE DYING album, released by Drakkar Records.




The Dying - Triumph Of Tragedy


01. The Beginning Of The End
02. Scars And Stripes
03. Bottles And Pills
04. Gotham
05. Serpent
06. Blessed With Tragedy
07. Killing The Drama
08.Scarred Like Us
09. The Sadist Virus
10. Jesus The Judas
11.Slaves Of Tomorrow





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