Anything that doesn’t sound dramatic won’t get on this album. With this clear vision in mind, THE SORROW, together with producer Toni Meloni (Caliban, Die Toten Hosen), ensconced themselves at the Principal Studios near Münster, Germany, in May 2010. Here, in these familiar and secluded surroundings, Austria’s most successful metal act had already recorded their first two albums, also under Meloni’s direction. In other words, ideal conditions.

The moment of truth has arrived for Andi, Dominik, Mätze and Tobi with their third, self-titled offering. Following the amazing success of “Blessings from a Blackened Sky”, a fantastic debut by this act from Austria’s Vorarlberg region who were still completely unknown back then, and “Origin of the Storm”, on which they perfected their sound, blending the essence of their creative work of that time, they are really getting down to business. THE SORROW have moved on to new musical pastures.

The band have learned from the creative process of “Origin of the Storm”, which was marked by tight schedules and high expectations. They have become totally independent in artistic terms, having embarked on a search to find themselves. The result? Their most impressive recording to date. THE SORROW – the album – is unusual, courageous and oozes a musical atmosphere from the first to the last note which is unequalled in today’s metal world.

THE SORROW have redefined themselves, remaining faithful to themselves at the same time. Their classic recipes have given way to an irrepressible urge to explore new terrain. The product of their labours consists of 13 unique songs which combine everything that makes metal great. The new album by THE SORROW not only sees the band break new ground – it also takes its listeners onto musical virgin soil.

"The Sorrow" is the last The Sorrow album, released by Drakkar Records.




The Sorrow - The Sorrow


01. Afflictions
02. Crossing Jordan
03. Weight Of The World
04. Suffering Quotes
05. Heart Of A Lion
06. Farewells
07. You Are My Nemesis
08. Paragon In Charity
09. Draped In Misery
10. Grief Machine
11. Engraved In Our Hearts
12. Facing The End
13. Reach For The Skies


The Sorrow - Origin Of The Storm


01. Apnoia
02. Where Is The Sun?
03. My Immortal Guardian
04. Scars
05. Eyes Of Darkness
06. Raising The Devil
07. Anchor In The Storm
08. From This Day On
09. Heaven Is No Place For Us
10. Tempestuous 
11. Collector Of Tears
12. Faceless
13. Day Of The Lord


The Sorrow - Blessings From A Blackened …


01. Elegy
02. The Dagger Thrust
03. Death From A Lovers Hand
04. Knights Of Doom
05. -
06. Numbers Of Failure
07. Far Beyond The Days Of Grace
08. From This Life
09. Her Ghost Never Fades
10. Darkest Red
11. Thirteen Years
12. Saviour Welcome Home





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