DIE GRÜNE WELLE (engl. THE GREEN WAVE). What’s this band about? – Different styles, different influences and not for the stereotypical thinking kind. – Combining punk rock and German rap, Haiko (vocals, bass), Locke (rap), Alvin (guitar, vocals) and Leon (drums) manage to skillfully add elements from other genres like Indie and Ska to this already explosive mix. And the icing on the cake is saxophonist Lizzy with her cleverly thought out contributions. The lyrics are mainly presented by keeping German rap parts in the verse and having the chorus in an anthemic and sing-along-like style, which you won’t get out of your head. Always staying true to the punk rock idea DIE GRÜNE WELLE sing about (personal) crises of meaning and politics - never slowing down and nonstop straight into the ears of the inclined listener.

The new album »Wirf dein Leben weg!« (engl. Throw your life away!) deals mainly with restructuring your own opinions (including political ones), actions as well as habits and in doing so the band wants to show that it’s possible to see viewpoints even though you personally might not like them.

»In our (German) society one is surrounded by many conventions. The same goes for general stereotypes that seemingly need to be embraced. Whether you can and want to embrace them is up to you though. Additionally there’s a lot of shit happening that you just can’t ignore, e.g. the increasing swing to the right. So it's just important to stand by your own opinion with valid arguments and not always go with the flow.« - Die Grüne Welle

But one main goal with new songs was that the (self-)ironic exaggerations in the lyrics are present at all times throughout the entire album.
Musically DIE GRÜNE WELLE has grown as well, by emphasizing punk rock elements in their overall sound, which felt like a logical step. Thus the energy that comes with the new songs has had a positive effect on the whole band. Especially that Locke and Haiko now share vocal and rap duties has helped uniting the two musical worlds even better. Of course, the guest contributions on »Wirf dein Leben weg!« by WIZO singer Axel Kurth (Dämonen) and German rapper Weekend (Kein Problem) have also played an important role in that regard.

Originally founded as a hip-hop project between two friends, things took a while to take shape. But in 2013 the debut album "BADABÄÄÄM!" was self-released and the band had grown to 1 female and 6 male members. Playing live had become one of the main goals for DIE GRÜNE WELLE, who managed to get DIY gigs all across Germany and also including several festival appearances as well as support slots for bands like MADSEN (DE), HOTCOLD (DE), ZEBRAHEAD (USA), THE TOASTERS (USA), RANTANPLAN (DE) or EARBOOTS (DE).
Just two years later, in 2015, the band presented their second album "MACHT BLAU" – again self-released and distributed with the help of Hannes Körber (Ex-KGB). Compared to its predecessor, this album is proof that the band had matured and put more focus on the punk rock part in their music. With the support of Alex Klemm (WIZO / Start a fire) the first 2 music videos were shot and released in support of the album. With that much going on the band was invited to the Music Open at Ludwigsburg Castle to support the Bavarian band LABRASSBANDA in front of more than 5000 people.

In 2016 DIE GRÜNE WELLE continued playing live and at the end of May they managed to arrange their second self-booked tour, playing shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, followed by major festival appearances, among others with bands like MILLENCOLIN (SWE) or RUSSKAJA (AT). With app. 200 shows played in the entire German-speaking area, DIE GRÜNE WELLE launched the year 2017 as tour support for the Californian punk legends ZEBRAHEAD and were consistently met with a positive response from audience and critics.
Even though in the following months the band underwent some lineup changes, they were nevertheless able to write new songs and apparently emerge stronger than ever with a solid and slimmed down lineup. In October 2018, the band went into the studio to record the new album with renowned producer Florian Nowak (EMIL BULLS, ITCHY, MONTREAL, JENNIFER ROSTOCK). Luckily the wait is nearly over until »Wirf dein Leben weg!« is released and everybody will be able to experience what DIE GRÜNE WELLE have been cooking!






DIE GRÜNE WELLE - Wirf dein Leben weg!


1. Hier im Dreck
2. Dämonen feat. Axel Kurth
3. Bier gegen Wein
4. Wutbürger
5. Kein Problem feat. Weekend
6. Wirf dein Leben weg
7. See you in hell
8. Teilzeitchrist
9. One love
10. Gesternmorgennichts
11. Für die Massen
12. Knopfdruck






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