Welcome to the Drakkar family!

We are incredibly happy to introduce another great new act to our roster: EXISTENT.

What started as a fixed idea of longtime friends on a whim, gave a first sign of life with the 2013 released EP "Ein neuer Weg" and finally came to life in 2016 with the release of the debut album "Startschuss" (Remedy Records/Rude Records).

Almost 10 years after their first release, the 5 guys are now pitching their tents in the Drakkar camp and will release their new album "STILLER HELD" in the coming summer of 2023. It is already clear: the musical development of recent years will be continued and it will be addressed opinionated, which must not fall under the table!

Singer Marcel on the signing:

"We are incredibly happy to be signed to Drakkar. Since our last EP "Kartenhaus" the band has developed furiously, which is why we are now even happier to continue this development with Jochen and Max and of course the entire Soulfood and Believe team. There is a lot planned and the first news will follow already in the coming days".